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Romance & Erotica

Silver Street Strip Club

The Complete Series

When Darin’s uncle asks him to take over management of a strip club, he doesn’t realize how much his life is going to change. Meanwhile, Amber, an experienced dancer, makes a move to help an old friend, and Callie, a high school senior, considers taking a drastic step. A kinky tale of personal relationships and entrepreneurship following the lives of the employees and dancers at the Silver Street Gentlemen's Club. Includes Books 1 to 6.

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Being a Naughty Stepsister

Catherine’s dorm mates convince her to work with them at the Silver Street Strip Club. The only problem is, her stepbrother lives in town. When he shows up unexpectedly one night and finds out she's a stripper, what will she do? (Novella; 21,000 words)

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